My name is Jian Lin. I am the founder and designer of ECOG fashion brand. I am an Asian born Asian raise Chinese who started to lives in Bay area since my early twenties. After finished the four years of traditional art training in AAU, San Francisco, I left the world of canvas and brushes, and started my own import and retail business in bay area, CA. since 2001.While running my craft stores in in NewPark Mall of Newark, Great Mall of Milpitas, Eastridge Mall of San Jose and Valley Fair mall of Santa Clara, I have learned some graphic and web design online for my business, but the art and design have seen so far away from my life for a long while. Most of time I was learning how to manage and run a retail store, negotiate with the mall managment, work with the oversea manufactories, and how to order and import wholesale goods. The retail business provides my daughter and I a not fancy yet comfortable and relaxing life. However, I felt tracked without able to do something I have true passion with. Finally it comes to the point I started to consider the change of my career by end of 2009. I was thinking about start my own fashion line.Summer, 2010, I had a chance to meet an urban fashion line owner, who I will not mention his name here. I was encouraged to draft some clothing design for his brand after I made some commons with their winter collections. The result was, he decided to use my design and I decide to go back to do something I have always has the true passion with – art & design. I decided to start my own fashion brand. It should reflect my views about fashion and life, combine a touch of Asian elements into the western design form…

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  • EcoG Boutique – Online retail (Grand Opening at August, 2013)
  • 1 Jute Bag – organic fashion jute bag wholesale (Grand Opening at August, 2013)

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