EcoG is a contemporary lifestyle brand for eco-conscious urban professional. it’s inspired by classical American casual wear and asian iconography. It’s timeless and uncompromising, yet with dynamic design. It has the touch of Asian elements and modern fits. EocG’s mission is to provide sustainable, unique and high quality clothing to  stylish men and women at an affordable price. ECOG’s collections prove that it is possible to be both fabulous and environmentally responsible. We respect ourselves through the choices we make. Make living a sustainable life a simple choice.


The eco friendly fashion company started from a cultural melting pot in San Francisco. The brand labels is “EcoG” which stands for Eco Gentleman and Eco Glam. “EcoG” fosters diversity and creativity. We are believers in sustainable fashion made with love and respect for people and the environment.

With a love for high fashion and a growing concern for the environment, EcoG’s founder, Jian Lin, decided to fuse her passions to enter the young field of eco-fashion. Jian began the design process from house with the idea of modern garnet combine with a touch of Asian element, change to emphasis in adding the positive energy into an eco-friendly life style brand EcoG. Everything we do is inspired by this idea. It will affect the way we design, develop, produce, promote and sale. Bring the inspiration and innovation to everybody in the world,”We don’t have to do harm to live well” We can “Living well while doing good”.

After near two years of research, design, and preparation, EcoG is ready launch soon by Aug. 2013. Please check our calendar or sign up newsletter for upcoming events.


Hemp grows very quickly in very diverse soil conditions. Using hemp for industrial purposes has been done for over 12,000 years. Also, it has no insect enemies and so requires no herbicides or pesticides. Those facts make hemp truly an organic plant with the potential to help “green up” in fashion industry. It’s illegal to grow hemp plant in the United States. The natural hemp fabric for use our fashion jute bag is come from the world largest hemp producer China.
Organic Cotton is a better option to make clothes than conventional cotton to the environment, because it does not require any of the toxic chemicals that harm our planet. Many people believe that organic cotton is softer and easier on our skin and there aren’t any latent pesticides or other chemicals that might disagree with our skin. Organic cotton is being used to make our eco-friendly T-shirt for both men and women.
Recycled Cotton is being used to make our canvas bag with exclusive print. While the 100% organic cotton knowing as one of the most popular fabric choice to make eco-friendly clothes, many of us have not even heard about recycled cotton. The fact is it’s an even better choice to go green by use the cotton made from recovered cotton that would otherwise be cast off during the spinning, weaving or cutting process.
Silk fabric will be used with the “EcoG Luxury” collections soon will come to the market at the spring 2014.


  • “Living well while doing good”
  • “Change a little, Effect a lot”
  • “Grass is greener on the site we choose to water”
  • “Karma’s a bitch, what goes around comes around”


  • EcoG signature product – fashion jute bag. We design to give EcoG jute bag a modern look while most of the jute bag focus with its reusable functions. It’s not just a product, it’s a brand.
  • EcoG signature product – recycled cotton canvas bag with the exclusive print designs.
  • Natural dye canvas bag.
  • Eco gentleman 100% heavy weight cotton graphic Tee.
  • “EcoG Luxury” – sustainable clothes for men and women. (introduce silk into collections)


  • Our price are fixed. EcoG Boutique does not offer seasonal discount sale. However, we have our ECOG at ETSY for sample & promotional sale. Read here for details or visit our ECOG Boutique at ETSY

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